It’s Interior Design.

Why did you take-up interior design?

Art is like breathing, it  is essential and present in human nature. The difference is that it varies from one era to another, hence, human has grown fond of it. And I have. Since I was a kid, it has always been art that that I excel into, it is a gift that I have been so lucky to be blessed upon. Art for me, is like breathing, it is one of the most natural things that I could do. I may not excel much in academics but being good in creating wonderful art is one of the things I am truly proud of. Many would say that ‘Damme I bet you would take fine arts when we get to college!’, and I almost thought that they are right because it seems to go into my path, but as I browse course being offered in PUP, I got the sudden instinct as read the word interior design. It is like magic drawing me closer to the course, it is as if a special connection and certain drops of images come into my mind, my art not just being hanged on the wall, but actually embodying the wall.

I took up interior design because art has always been my skill, I thought that hey? This could really be my living given that this is what I enjoy and love the most. And I thought that designing interiors would fit me most because I do not just want to create a concept, hence I want my design to be functional and pleasing to the living. Enhancing the natural beauty is what appeals to me most, and with interior design, I wouldn’t just be an artist, but an artist giving my best with the utmost natural beauty.

From then on I want to create art but art that could be felt inside a home. I want my clients not just to imagine the worth of my designs but to actually live in the mood of what I have created, I want them to join me inside my wonderland, where only I and my client could express. I believe that through that certain bond, I would not only fulfill my client but myself as well, making me a better man.

Name three important values a leader should have. Why should a leader possess them?

Every organization has its head, a leader the holder of the remote control. But that person must possess characteristics that are humble and true. For greatness alone is not the measure of leadership but many elements such as openness and appreciativeness.

One must have the knowledge and must be apprehensive and creative on what that person will be doing. A leader must always be conditioned when sudden cases arrive. A leader must know the strengths and weaknesses of each member to be able to stir them towards the right direction.

A leader should possess these characteristics because a leader is like the a painter, owning different kinds of brushes, shades of color, but analyzing critically what would fit in the concept of his painting, helping it to be the best it could be.

Pray then Do it. Trust God. Have Faith. Thank God for Everything. Focus.

- Van Damme S. Longino

Glimpse of the Future

My internship experience was a total blast. I had fun, i meet new people, i learned lots of new things, i experienced new stuffs, i went to different places, i had a glanced to the future that is waiting for me.

I would say that at first, i was totally nervous about the start of Internship this past summer semester. I’m afraid that maybe i can’t find a company that will accept me because maybe, they already have enough interns and there’s no more slot for me at all. I thank god because god didn’t leave me at all the time, in fact the firms that accept me for my internship truly improve my skills and knowledge in terms of interior design, architecture and furniture design. That’s why i’m really thankful and bless that i got the opportunity to be a part of those great firms.

From the very beginning, I planned to just go with the flow. I mean, follow the rules. If things are going to happen then let it be. But if you have the chance to pursue the things that you want to happen then, do it. So, as day goes by, i experienced lots of unforgettable moments in my life. Some of it are great and worth it. Some of it is lessons brought by impulsive decisions. That is why, i guess maybe one day if i encounter such things like that in my life. I’ll think for a moment and if i feel that it’s good for me then i’ll grab it but if i feel that it’s going to give me regrets in the end, I guess, i learned not to repeat it again.

I’m glad to say that i had a very good relation with the people i meet and encounter during my internship. Some of them are oldies that they treat us like we’re their grand children though they do it professionally, i just feel like that. Some of them are old enough and kinda elder brothers and sisters that jam with us like we’re at the same age and share us their knowledge about something that really give us some new information about those specific things. But in my own observation and opinion as i see and work with them day by day i notice that in the office you can see different kind of personalities not just a type of person who knows how to accommodate and communicate with different type of people. Some of them are like wallflowers that do things like they don’t need anyone to help them or just to do their task alone. Some of them are jokers, some are too bossy and perfectionist, some are weirdo and some of them are late comers, and that’s not me, and a lot of types of personalities in just one room. But still, i treat and respect all of them as my boss, that’s why i’m glad and proud of myself that i had a very good relation with all of them.

Going to different places makes me feel so excited about the future that is waiting for me. Maybe i go to construction site and conduct some mensuration and see the actual activities of construction workers and maybe i go to some showrooms to check if there’s something wrong in it and check some products that are qualified for our actual project. I mean what more if i work as an employed designer. That’s so cool! I really hope to see to work and go to different places and learned new things instantaneously. Haha.

Above all, I want to thank everyone who’s been a part of my internship. Maybe i did it independently but, because of your support i made it as great as i want. I thank my friends, classmates for supporting me emotionally and mentally though we’re doing it to each other because we’re at the same fields and agendas. Haha. To my family who believes in me and continuously supporting me financially, specially my mother who cooks my lunch to eat at the office. To my mentor who teaches me to improve my skills and let me gain some new knowledge through experiences. To my professor who guide us through our entire internship. That gives us some advice about it. For giving us the opportunity to have a glance in the near future that awaits for us. Nevertheless, to our Almighty God, that gave me the courage, strength and wisdom to make my internship worthy. Thank you for everything.